Double Flash Friday

Yes I know I missed last flash friday not off to the best of starts.. Therefore to MAKE UP for it I am doing a double flash friday (see what it did there its puny admit it =P). With two products that I have been using together to complement each other.

doubleflash friday hourglass


First is the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer

Application: Easy enough goes on after moisturizer and before foundation/concealer. One thing I did not like was that it got really watery that it was gross and I wondered if it was expired. But a lot of shaking and mixing later it went away.

Price: Expensive I got the smallest size 0.33 oz for $21 CAD the 1 oz is $60 CAD. Its nice it comes in a small size so you can try it out and see if its worth getting the full size. Otherwise I would have never purchased this.

Formula: Texture takes some getting used to especially if you don’t normally use primers like I do. It matifies the areas you apply it to. I like to put it on my T-zone to control shine throughout the day.

Summed up in one sentence: For its price I don’t see myself repurchasing this. I don’t feel like it made such a huge difference that I would need to get this again once I run out. There are more comparable primers that are not as expensive.

So that wasn’t such a hit…. On to the next!



&& that is the Laura Mercier Secret Camoflague in SC-5. This I love and I cannot believe I went this long without it.

Application: A little strange at first because its not like other concealers that I have used before . Its not the same in they way it has a waxy texture versus a thicker creamy consistency. It takes some practice because there are two colours and I needed to play around with it a couple times to get my ideal colour since I’m in between the two colours that come in the package.  I use a dense concealer brush to apply it onto any blemishes and dark spots I may have.

Price: $38 CAD from Sephora. To me its reasonable considering the amount of product there is 0.26 oz you honestly do not need very much to cover a spot it is highly pigmented.

Formula: Like I mentioned before it is waxy but the pigmentation and staying power is phenomenal.

Summed up in one sentence: Once you get used to it, it becomes a staple. Definitely watch some youtube videos on how to use it and how to apply secret camouflage. I’m including two videos that really helped me understand and use secret camouflage better.

Goss Make up artist- The basis: getting your foundation to look like skin Invisible foundation tutorial

Lisa Elridge- Some of my all time favourite make up ~Skip to 3:05 where she talks about the Laura Mercier Secret camouflage. Thats if you don’t want to go through all of the other stuff she talks about.

These are both great youtube makeup vloggers and both are professional make up artists worth checking out if you have time =)

In conclusion I put these two products together because I like them together and they do complement each other. I think it is good to apply a primer before the secret camouflage just so that it applies better and helps make it stay especially when your going from running errands to going to the gym. I usually apply a powder foundation like my NARS powder in Mountain or the classic bare minerals foundation.

Until next time,

xo Paula LC