Thank you…

For being my first

For teaching me how to love

For showing me what it feels like to be loved in return

For letting me go

For coming back to me

For showing me how to let go

For allowing me to rediscover myself

For making me stronger

xo Paula LC



Unexpected Encounters

Why do I always run into someone I know when I least expect it? But more importantly why do I always run into someone when I’m having a bad hair or outfit or skin day OR in the case of today all three. Luckily me and said person are on good enough terms that I’m okay with it.


I hope when I meet destiny I look flawless.

xo Paula LC

Baby’s 1st Blog Post

One of many more to come hopefully!

This is my first blog post & I am very excited to be start! I don’t know how this will turn out whether I’ll do this for a month and decide I don’t like or if it will actually stick. Most important is that I’m starting and I’m excited to see how it goes!

More to come!

*Paula xo