My Brow Obsession

So I’ve been going through an eyebrow phase and by eyebrow phase I mean obsessing over everything eyebrow related. From comparing eyebrows to figuring out my ideal eyebrow shape. To experimenting with different eyebrow drawing techniques. The first thing I notice about anyone right now is their eyebrows. My judgement on your character is based on whether you maintain or over maintain your eyebrows.

To complete my eyebrow obsession I have been constantly looking for the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade. Which if you’ve heard of it, you know it sells out the same day as it comes in. And if you haven’t heard of it… It’s because it sells out before you even hear about it.
So it all started when I went to California during my reading break in February (it’s the spring break for university/college kids in BC, they like to call it reading break to make it sound more educational. No one ever reads during reading break I don’t anyways) I was in Ulta and I was in line waiting to pay and the lady before me was asking the cashier about the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade and the cashier was saying how they got it in shipment that morning but they had sold out already and to try again in the next couple days because they never know what will be in their shipment. Strike one. Then I overheard another employee talking on the phone to a customer explaining the same thing: sold out, might come in the next shipment, they never know, good luck trying to find it because it literally is the Waldo of the beauty world right now. Strike two. I thought way too hyped up I’ll get it when they can keep up with the demand.

Anyways fast forward to the sephora VIB sale and my brow obsession continued I originally wanted to get the Anastasia brow whiz but the sales lady at sephora recommend that I get the pencil instead cause it’ll last longer. We got to to talking and even though it was sold out (strike three) she tried on the chocolate dipbrow pomade on me (I thought dark brown would be for me but it’s too grey on my brown/olive skin tone and ebony did not match my brown hair with caramel highlights.) it definitely made a difference. Left sephora with more than I should have left with…. At first I didn’t see what the big fuss was about until I went home and did all my day to day stuff; chores, homework, worked out. Tried to wash my face and realized I needed to use make up remover to take off my eyebrows. It had stayed on all day and hadn’t budged. Its waterproof too so I’m thinking days by the pool and my eyebrows will still be in place would be great! I use a Clinique balm to remove my make up btw. I don’t know if this dipbrow will become annoying to wash off every night I haven’t had it for very long. I’ll post my thoughts on this once I’ve had it for a little while to write a good review on it.

The next day I went about my usual eyebrow routine defining them with a pencil and it just wasn’t the same look that I got from the dipbrow. I wanted the outline with the filled in look but I didn’t want to line with a pencil and then have to fill it in with eyeshadow. I’d rather have just one eyebrow product that did it all. So I signed up to receive a notice on for when the dipbrow came back in stock.
So a couple days pass and the sephora VIB sale was still going on so I decided to order some things online that I wasn’t able to get in stores so I place my order and the next morning after I had placed my online order I get the notice that the dipbrow was back in stock. Strike four. I could’ve ordered it but I didn’t see the point in paying for the shipping for something so small so I passed on it. This is probably the point where I had reach the highest level of frustration with my quest to find the dipbrow. Watching YouTube videos of reviews and tutorials probably didn’t help my burning desire to get my hands on this elusive small pot of eyebrow elixir.
Countless visits to sephora later and I walked in yesterday cause I need a lip balm because I left one of the million lip balms I already own at home and I can’t go one day at work without any lip balm. Went to check the Anastasia section saw that there were little boxes where the dip brow display was. Kept walking towards it and the whole time I was thinking “ya they have some now but with my luck the chocolate won’t be there.” But to my surprise they had it!!! Finally!! Snatched one up and held on to it O so dearly because it was like my months frustration and constant looking were finally worth it.

Anyways decided to make a post about it because I felt it was worth sharing. I’ll post more thoughts about it when I’ve had a chance to use it more.

– Paula xxoo


Take Me Back …



Cabo San Lucas April 2013

To where the wind was warm and my worries were non-existent. I took this picture on the first day we arrived in Cabo San Lucas. I wish I could go back again this year but I made myself a promise that I would not do any travelling until I finished my degree. So here’s to me trying my absolute hardest to finish school so I can travel more.

If this isn’t motivation I don’t know what else is.

xo Paula LC

Unexpected Encounters

Why do I always run into someone I know when I least expect it? But more importantly why do I always run into someone when I’m having a bad hair or outfit or skin day OR in the case of today all three. Luckily me and said person are on good enough terms that I’m okay with it.


I hope when I meet destiny I look flawless.

xo Paula LC

Baby’s 1st Blog Post

One of many more to come hopefully!

This is my first blog post & I am very excited to be start! I don’t know how this will turn out whether I’ll do this for a month and decide I don’t like or if it will actually stick. Most important is that I’m starting and I’m excited to see how it goes!

More to come!

*Paula xo